Why Start a Personal Blog?

SAM_6473If you happen to make your way to this blog, chances are you came here from one of the articles I’ve written on other websites.

Or maybe we’ve met in some form or the other and you looked me up on Google. Don’t worry, we all do it now a days so it’s totally not creepy at all..

Well anyways, however it is you happen to click to this blog, Hello and Welcome!

For those of you without context of who I am, my name is Zach Souza (as the website says). I’ve been a creative, writing and playing music for as long as I can remember, there was always something I was building or making that was just a little bit out of the ordinary of what a kid my age was supposed to be doing.

Once when I was little I took my set of water colors and made a bunch of Rorschach paintings by brushing some random patterns on one side of the page and folding it in half. I then went door to door in my neighborhood selling them to people from anywhere from 25 cents to wait for it… 75 CENTS!1979248_10202739178303454_4915553346765876270_o

Most of the time they would give me a dollar or two, because come on, who’s not gonna buy a water color painting from a little kid, right? I always wanted to make a living with my art, and I was blessed to grow up with parents who encouraged it.

Most recently in my creative outlets I started a series of facebook pages which brought me to creating media blogs for those pages and then without me really taking the time to notice and let it sink in, I quit my job at the time, dropped out of college and this whole media network thing became my full time focus and I started living the free and creative lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. workflow

And from the start of that first page till now, it’s only been about 2 years (oddly enough i just checked, and it actually hit the two year mark this month(November 2014), what great timing! #synchronicity ).

And although I’ve created a dozen or so FB pages and websites reaching over a few million people a month, I’ve never once put my name on any of those things or let anyone see the face behind the curtain. I was never interested in letting people know who it was doing all of it, for me, I was more interested in creating an idea and watching it grow far beyond anything that could ever just be associated with me, It was never about me, it’s always been about the idea.


And I think adding my face or name to it would only take away peoples ability to find their own voice within its pages. That’s why I never claim a website or FB page to be By me. Sure my writings, my articles those are written by me, and even that I only started doing recently, but as far as the sites and pages they are written for, those are a community and idea all of their own, and watching them continue to build and grow has been an amazing journey, one I am no longer willing to let past by without me doing my best to capture it in words.

So I guess this is me lifting the veil, or i guess just me, being me. No gimmicks, no specific genres I’m trying to market to, Just me, opening up the windows of my life so those who care to take the time can see what I see

Because if you haven’t noticed yet, this world we’re collectively creating  that we call the web has been blossoming into a complex and beautiful network of beacons. All reaching out in to the virtual skies as far the imagination can stretch. Each with their own unique colors of light, painting the landscape with different marks and perspectives as they dance across the canvas, each with a vision of how things aught to be.

Every one of these beacons have been shining their presence out across the digital darkness, all in the search for one thing, the same thing. All of our lights are reaching out in to the air, as we speak, for the simple chance to do what we’ve all been trying to do for the last few thousand years… To connect.

To Say Hello, Here I Am, This.. This is Me.internet

And now in this day and age, we are living through a time where the ability to do so is greater than it has ever been in anytime in history. You are able to reach out across the cybernetic universe and Friend, Like or Comment on basically any person’s life you ever wanted to, but still that ability to connect seems faint, limited, only scratching at the surface.

Although all our social medias are definitely a good thing and a huge step in a great direction, as much as we can build up our follower counts and like boxes, there’s only so many things you can convey in  140 character or less, and I think there’s something more we can do with this thing called the inter-webs.

So this is my something more, my beacon reaching out across the fiber-optic platforms in an effort to connect with like minded people not bound by area codes or continents. This is my light in the darkness, so if you find it, please take the time to say hello, because when it comes down to it, I feel like that’s all we’re ever trying to do, so..cropped-SAM_6475.jpg


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  1. J C
    December 11, 2014 at 5:56 am

    Hello! I agree 100% and look forward to reading more of your insights. Am a fan of your sites and can’t wait to read more in depth posts about this new online business world.

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