Blog Post #1: And So It Begins

blog1Well here it is…

Hello good people of the internet, and anyone else who happens to stumble across this page some how. For the past 23 years or so my name has been Zach, and it’s a pleasure to make your digital acquaintance.

So far, I am a writer, musician, and most recently an internet entrepreneur who runs a network of websites and social media pages.

Over the last few years or so, I’ve been building…something.

Something that most people don’t really see the value in, something I’ve been silently tinkering away at in the hopes that one day it’ll turn into something massive, and incredibly, it is.

In what seems like a short amount of time, I’ve gone from living in my parents house and going to a community college, to moving to Los Angeles and being able to fully support myself doing something I love and creating a business that I can truly call my own. And I’m not stopping yet.

But I am no guru, no expert here to tell you what or how to think.

I am simply a creative trying to find his own unique path in this crazy world, telling my tales and honing my crafts, all in an effort to figure out just what the fuck I’m made of.

It’s definitely been an interesting journey so far, and I guess I better start writing it all down before it becomes just another fuzzy back story.

So here it is, and here I am, capturing my journey as I create it and for once, putting my own name out there for people to see and interact with.

My name is Zach Souza, and this is my story.

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